Love of the Desert

Inspiring Beauty of Lencois Maranhenses - a life changing experience.

A desert. Ocean shore. Azure, fresh lagoons The perfection of slowly running dunes creates a feeling of eternity.

This is the same water as we are, and it reminds us of our beauty, depth and grandeur of our origin.

Imagine. You are in a unique natural place in Brazil. Desert with 36,000 fresh lagoons, white sand, purple sunset, magic of dunes and all this on the shore of a warm ocean. In full contact with nature and yourself.

The purest and warm Lagoons are a miracle on the Earth, which we have an opportunity to touch. Swim as much as you want in the azure water among the dunes. Plants of power help us to adjust our perception.

We have chosen a guide who does not need shamans, who is like a wise, cheerful old man with a great understanding of life.

Wachuma, aka San Pedro, is our guide. A green cactus, with a slightly bitter taste, opens the heart, heals it, and connects our consciousness with the consciousness of heaven and space.

On a physical level, it alkalizes the body, gives strength for a hike and activates synapses in the brain. On an emotional level, it gives access to those areas that we ignore and provides an opportunity to get rid of emotional burden, which brings lightness, joy, understanding and clarity.

For those who are light initially, it gives a tricky, positive mood, removes excessive arrogance, seriousness, therefore it is easy to be yourself.

San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi) contains mescaline, entheogen and other alkaloids, which are crystals.

San Pedro's ally is Chocolate, another divine plant containing theobromine (in Greek Theos - God; in Sanskrit brahma - divinity). The combination of these two nature wonders gives a balance of taste, effect and sensations.

Taking power plants is not obligatory, as far as everyone can feel like a favorite child of the creator, this tool is only for those who consider it to be necessary, acceptable and appropriate.

The symbol of this journey is a two-ended quartz crystal, it personifies the perfection and completeness of both our beginnings, male and female.

In this case crystals act as conductors, like tuning forks. They resonate with our crystalline grids, with our inner crystals.

Due to the internal changes that will occur on this journey, you can improve all your external relationships: with yourself, with people and with the world.

The purpose of this journey is the harmony with which we fill our world, people and the Earth on your further path. This is not a touristic trip, this is a way of reuniting the Heart, Mind and Spirit.


We are going to meet at the Airport of San Lius, Maranhao State, Brazil. After spending the night in a charming hotel, in a nice colonial town, the following morning we will begin the journey to Atins town.

We will first drive along the road by car, then take a boat down the river, followed by the final leg of our journey with an ATV to our hotel. Having settled down in a simple and beautiful hotel, we will begin to dissolve in space, in the perfection of forms and ideal climate. In the morning, after a light fruit breakfast, we pray, give thanks and taste the Spirit of Wachuma, after which reality becomes voluminous, playful, saturated, and the heart - joyful.

A week in the desert is a moment of eternity that we will create together, it will be filled with hiking among the dunes, swimming in lagoons and the ocean, sleeping in hammocks, traveling to the oasis (if desired).

Map of Sao Luis location:

What do you need to take?

Sunglasses, sunscreen, UV protective clothing (if you have one), water bottle, flashlight, sleeping bag, swimsuit, flip flops, long sleeves and light pants. It is best to walk barefoot in the desert. The wind does not lift the sand this month yet, and the lagoons are full of water.

Cost of 2200$ including:

The cost doesn’t include:

Additional facilities:

Trip to Oasis - a green island in the middle of the desert, where people live. Night hike 20 km on foot one way, overnight in hammocks and the same way back. Unforgettable.

Visiting San Luis: colorful, beautiful and ancient, it attracts us with the opportunity to buy beautiful and practical handicrafts made by local Indians.

After the trip:

There is an opportunity to fly to one of the 10 most beautiful islands on Earth, Fernando de Noronha, swim with dolphins and turtles, go to Alto Paraiso, a paradise city of waterfalls and crystals, or go to the Yawanawa tribe!

We will be happy to meet you in magical and sunny Brazil, make pleasant discoveries and create happy days together!

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